Saturday, June 28, 2008

She is living my other life!

I found a new blog today and I am IN LOVE with this lady already and I don't even know who she is or where she is. Here is a blurb from her blog on "Alternative" that so spoke to me and about who we are:
Parenting It’s a crazy thing…this parenting job. We are trying to do the best that we can with the information that we have…and adding a whole bunch of love and kisses along the way We are a home birthing, cloth diapering, non-vaxing, gentle disciplining, baby wearing, co-sleeping, extended nursing family…whew! That’s a lot of labels. I prefer to think of it as natural parenting. We believe that children are to be treated with respect and mercy. It’s not an easy road and we’re not perfect by any means…but we try to treat Bella the way we want her to treat others….with respect and kindness.
Isn't that great? She is a photographer who lives on the road with her family. I really think she maybe my "other life".
This is her blog.... WOW!!!
I hope you all are having a great week - I have been stewing on some things that I will share soon. God is working on me in many areas this week.
Love to all

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Celebration

Eden Grace and her favorite "toy" gift.
Check out that sweet new dress - I wish they made it in "Momma" sizes.
The girls met Daddy Clay for a picnic to celebrate on E's b-day.  We munched on many good things including E's favorite, Strawberries!!
Doesn't she look like you could just grab her up like a little strawberry and munch on her?
Mmm good.
The four girls born in five months last summer, came to help party with us at E's b-day party.
So proud of herself after eating her first cake.
She finally got the hang of it.
"What is that?  You have spent the last year telling me that I can't have anything like that and suddenly you just set it out in front of me and let me have at it?"

Friday, June 20, 2008

E. G.'s B-day!!

Happy #1 sweet Eden Grace.  I love you beyond measure!  I never knew how much I could love another child.  You are so wonderful and fill my days with laughs and joy.  I am loving every moment of watching you discover this world.  Thank you sweet Jesus with blessing us with this amazing miracle of a child.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stuff in the garden & Father's day

So I have the most wonderful husband and father of my girls in the whole world!  Get this he wanted to spend his Father's day in the garden.  How great is that!?!? We went to Lowe's and loaded up on their greatly discounted "distressed' flowers, which basically are perfectly good flowers that need a little TLC.  The following is an account of the beautiful things we did and enjoyed in our garden.

This is  tradition in our family on Mother's day and Father's day to have your picture taken on the front porch with the kiddos.
This is the incredibly huge pot that was left at our home by the previous owners of the house.  We thought it was a great thing until we first tried to move it.  It took four men the first time!!!  Well this weekend Clay (aka muscles) moved it all by himself to the garden center and filled full of my favorite flowers, Gerber daisies and sweet potato vine.
New "distressed" shrubs and blackberry bush
Garden View!
Cosmos - they are coming up everywhere!!!
Shasta Daisy - planted seeds two years ago and completely forgot about them because they never came up and suddenly they showed up.

Miss Green Thumb herself trying to get a peek out into the garden.
Black beans sprouting out of the ground.
Purple cone flower starting to bloom!
Black eyed Susan's - once again another that I planted from seed last year that are just poking their heads out for the first time. The are so beautiful and fun to watch.
Sweet peas!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So for the past two days it has rained cats and dogs here.  I LOVE the rain SO much, however yesterday I was in a severe funk and everyone knows "when momma ain't happy, no body's happy".  Well I did some heavy praying for my spirit and peace to come back today.  So this morning when we got up it was raining again.  I prayed once again for it to be a happy day.  Thankfully I found a book yesterday that gave me some ammo to keep the girls happy on a rainy day.  And today I put it into action.  We played in the rain puddles.  It was SO fun - all of us sopping wet in our jammies and diapers.  It brought back memories of playing the rain from my childhood that were so wonderful.  I am just telling you it was so good for my soul.

Sweet E.G. learning to stand on her "land legs" as I like to call them.
Soaking it all in!
Mermaid Chick
So sweet, naked buns nursing after the play.
Puddle jumping
Watch me MOM!!
I encourage all of you to go jump in some puddles very soon.

Friday, June 13, 2008

New Do ~

Well do you think going from waist length hair to boy hair in less than a year is a little dramatic?  I have done it. I think that I may truly be trying to stop the aging process.  I feel younger, thinner, cuter, and a bit funkier the shorter my hair gets.  I got it cut yesterday and hardly thought twice about it until it was all cut off and then began to hyperventilate on the way home.  So I am back and forth on the scale of loving it one moment and just a little sorrow full the next because a part of me misses my beautiful long hair.  My beautiful long hair was part of my identity at one time, and so was my profession, my maiden it is an adjustment on the road of life.  I really like who I am becoming and morphing into these days, I don't miss my profession or my maiden name and hopefully soon I will not miss my long hair.  Another part of me is teetering on being excited about change, new hair, new occupation (mom/teacher), and some new dear friends.  I am grateful for change for without it life would be so mundane and if you know me long enough, you know that just wouldn't do.

Friday, June 6, 2008

WOO HOO It's finished!!!!

Well at last it is finished...well almost. We still have a little touch up paint here and there to take care of but for the most part it is over.  It is SO nice to have my kitchen back.  I never realized how much we really do live in our kitchen most days.  
It is absolutely awesome!!!!  I LOVE the makeover.  And it feels bigger, much bigger.  Clay laughs, that is our joke, no matter what you do to a room it always feels bigger!

Dining room - Clay is very happy with his scraping, mudding and re sanding of the walls in this room.  Check out my framed posters.  They are from our local farmer's market.  I just love them!  I am trying to talk Clay into letting me paint all the chairs black and he is not going for it.  So comment on this blog and let me know your vote, to paint or not to paint the chairs!

Finished Kitchen with natural lighting.  Of course I have moved plates and cups and such around a couple of times and I relearn the function of each area.
Finished Kitchen with flash on camera - you can see the colors a bit better!  I was telling everyone that the cabinets were an "earthy green" and then I began painting them, I realized that they were definitely the color of my parent's first appliances - "avocado green".
just a reminder of what it looked like one month ago!
And five years ago!
Yep, this is me making out with my butcher block counter tops!  Clay and I installed them all by ourselves!!  However, I had no idea that I was taking on another child, you have to oil them every other day or so for two to three months!!!!  Well worth the work - they are beautiful and incredible!!!
Clay installing our second light fixture for the kitchen, the first one I was VERY unhappy with.  TOO Bright and looked out of place.
Eden Grace and me after a long weekend of finishing the kitchen!
Early on in the remodel. Payton's photography of me EARLY in the morning with my cup of joe.
Painting what felt like endless green cabinets.
Gigi holding sweet Eden while we worked our buns off.  Payton went and spent one whole weekend with her Nana and Papa.
Clay and Dub (our sweet and incredibly good woodworking neighbor) putting the finishing touches on the cabinet they built above the counter.  Look at sweet Eden Grace in her matching cloth diaper, check it all out.

Needless to say, we are pooped and ready for the next project all at the same time.  
Take care!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Scene of the crime, Cinderella was found DOA in the kitchen in her ball gown last Monday evening.
At just past midnight, it was discovered that she had lost one glass slipper.
This was the position she was found in when the police arrived.
If you know whom this princess was last seen with please contact us.
These were the people present at the scene of the crime.  This man Clay Peevyhouse -A.K.A. "Daddy" looks as though he maybe holding a weapon.
This innocent woman, Beverly Peevyhouse A.K.A. "Nanny", came upon the scene when dropping by with her latest garage sale finds.
She may be the guilty one, she definitely has the look.
This is truly the woman we are looking for, if you recognize her backside, please contact us with her whereabouts. 

Ha ha!!!  Once again we were scrolling back through the photos on the camera and found a Payton photography exhibit.  We immediately cracked up because it looked like she was photographing a crime scene!!!  We hope you have enjoyed this made up story as much as we did!