Friday, May 1, 2009

Another Tree...

He has a little finishing touch to add to his latest tree, but so far so good.  Since we painted over our last tree we have had many sad people come through who loved the tree.  We have wanted to paint one in our entry way as you walk in the front door for some time now.  Last weekend was the day.  We have searched for months for that "perfect" tree and at last it was found.

Grace and Peace!

New little girls's room!

This is a sneak preview of the new bedroom colors and fabrics.  I am working on making the pillows, curtains, and a few other things like art work.  We are moving the girls into their "big girl" bedroom before the baby gets here.  We have co-slept(in the same room and sometimes the same bed) with the girls for the past five years, but now that a little boy is coming along we feel like five in the bedroom is a little much.  The girls have officially moved into the bedroom and LOVE it.  They are sleeping wonderfully (much better than expected).  I will share more pics as it comes together.
Below are pics from their bedroom before the "redo".  It was really hard  to paint over since it was Payton's first room.  Even though she didn't sleep in there it was super special.  My dear friend Darla and her sister came over and painted the artwork when I was huge pregnant with P.

Grace and Peace,

Guess What?!?! - If you are my Dad, DO NOT read this post :)

We got CHICKENS!!!!  Yep, we are crazy I know.  We have been wanting them for sometime now, but it is official we have four hens!!!  We had an son of a friend give them to us.  The girls absolutely ADORE them.  Payton even picks up one of them (Charlotte)!  The would spend hours out in their pen area everyday if I would let them.  We have had them for about a month now and we are all getting along just fine.

Payton found and ate the first egg!!
There it is!!!
That look on Eden's face explains it all!!  She is still not sure how or why the chickens are "laying" eggs.  I have failed to get a pic of the girls with the chickens or even the chickens alone, but will hopefully post here pretty soon.
For those of you who don't know why I wouldn't want my dad to read this...he is the City Manager in Jenks and I am pretty sure chickens are not allowed unless you have a certain amount of land.  So shh....and Dad if you are reading, you always told me it is, "easier to ask forgiveness than to get permission" on somethings and I think this is one of those things.
Grace and Peace,
Happy Egg Eating!