Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kitchen Remodel Post

Check two posts below this one for pics of the kitchen remodel.  For some reason I started that post several days ago and didn't get to it.  So now it is posting early.  Whatever...I am still on the learning curve with this blogging thing.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Well I have been "tagged" to list off seven random things about myself so here I go...

  1. The older I get the less of a morning person I am. I really need a good hour to wake up before you should converse with me.
  2. I keep a pretty orderly house but my car is a wreck.
  3. I can't stand touching ice, it is like fingernails on a chalkboard.
  4. I love roadtrips.
  5. I hate picking out clothes to wear everyday. Back in highschool I really pushed for uniforms so that we wouldn't have to worry about what we were going to wear everyday.
  6. I would go barefoot most places if it were acceptable.
  7. I can't stand for anyone to doubt that I can do something I love to prove them wrong.

So there's your randomness for today. We are working on remodling the kitchen and I am hoping to get some pics loaded of the process in the next couple days.

Grace and Peace


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kitchen Remodel

So here are pics of the kitchen remodel!
It is definitely interesting living in this mess with two little ones.  

This is the kitchen as we have lived in for the past five years.  It kind of started out with an italian flare.  Honestly back then I had not a clue what my "style" was and this is just what everyone else seemed to be going with.  
This is a picture of a picture, that is why it looks terrible not to mention the fact that is a scary 1967 kitchen.  This is what the kitchen looked like when we moved in the house.  Yes, take note of the lattice work, and the wall paper on the cabinet fronts. 
Clay happy with is upper cabinets torn out!  Take notice of him in his work clothes.  That is how excited he is to work on the  kitchen - he starts straight home from work and forgets to change his clothes.

The dining area before second remodel. Clay loves to tell people that this room has been five different colors in five years.  It is the truth, I have never been happy with any of the colors.  So now I am painting it off white.  We shall see...
When we moved in the dining area was wall papered and we didn't want to take the time to take it off.  So we did a little drywall texture technique that sounded good at the time, but now scraping it was a REALLY bad idea.  

We have a bit more done since these photos were taken.  Clay is taking off work Friday so that we will have a four day weekend to work on it. 

Also we have done some BIG sinning this last weekend...I will post more later and pictures to prove.

Friday, May 9, 2008

New old things in our home!

Well this past Saturday was the City Wide Garage Sale in Jenks.  We are HUGE fans and every year get up at the crack of dawn to go and find the best deals.  These are the two best finds of this annual event.  Payton and Eden's bunk beds!!!!  Aren't they cute?  They are in great shape !! And our roommate Kaytie Jo got a new car that Clay found while picking up our bunk beds.  Her old car died and she was on the search for a new one. She fell in love with this Ford Focus Hatchback and the best thing about it is that it is paid for in full!  

Kombucha Monster

Justine and Kirlee this is for you all!  So I have been fermenting my kombucha for more than 60 days.  Yea, I just fell off the wagon and life got too busy.  This is how HUGE the scoby was after that long.  NO WAY I didn't try the kombucha.
For those of you who don't know what kombucha is just do a google search on it and find out more.  But the simple version is that it is a fermented tea that is really good for you.  However, it usually only ferments for 7-14 days.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Dance like no one is watching.

Last Monday we lost a dear neighbor of ours.  It was so completely unexpected.  Sunday afternoon she drove up to the front of the house and yelled at us from the car.  This was our "thing". She had knee surgery early this year and hardly ever left the car to talk with us.  So she sat in her car and we on the front porch and carried on a loud conversation.  She was headed to have a burger with a friend.  She commented on how beautiful and big the girls were getting and how great my flowers look in the front yard and so on.  Marci was one of the best neighbors we have ever had.  She has only lived in the home near ours for about 18mths, but I was bound and determined to be a darn good neighbor to her.  Well she was a better neighbor than I had planned on her to be.  I am so thankful to have been blessed with her short friendship.  She would leave us snacks at our front door on a regular occasion after a visit to the grocery store, and would call once or twice a week to check in.  Marci was a hoot.  As a young person she had a brain tumor removed, well as we like to think, it also removed her "filter".  She was a running commentary of whatever crossed her field of vision.  She was great and as the priest said at her funeral, "We shall never forget her colorful language".  
We were in the mist of a meeting Monday evening and noticed lights outside our house and I ran out the front door with Eden on my hip.  About the time I got to her yard, I heard the police break open the door and the mourning cries from her sister.  Oh what pain and heartache.  My world began to run at a snails pace at that moment.  This couldn't be happening...we had just chatted last night...she was fine...oh her laugh.  I can still hear it and as I sat in the quiet little chapel on Friday during her service I could feel her presence and hear her laugh.  Thank you Marci for being a better neighbor than I could have imagined myself to be, thank you for your laugh, and thank you for your colorful language.
I have hugged my kiddos a little tighter, and held my husband's embrace a little longer this week and realized that it is time to dance like no one is watching.