Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas, Crafts, New Haircut, Trolley Rides, and Trykes

Sorry for the delayed has been busy around here.  I began this post a couple of weeks ago and just now finishing it.  We pray that all of your Christmas celebrations were delightful.  Ours were - all five of them!

In my last post I showed the guys in our lifeline group putting together amtrykes for special needs kids.  We gave them away to the kids on a Sunday at Church in the middle of December.  Wow what a special moment!!!  A couple of the kids didn't even know what they were there for until about 10 minutes before we gave them the bikes.  How fun!  In the  photo above is a little downs syndrome boy who does not speak, but looked at this huge crowd of people and signed "thank you".  What a tear jerker.
What is cool about this story is that we set a goal of buying one of these trykes with the change that mainly kids in our church collected at home and brought back with them.  When it was all said and done we purchased 4 new trykes and one of the girls receiving a tryke was passing down her old one to someone else.  In all five trykes were given away that Sunday.
A friend of ours, Mark Burt telling the story and showing a jar of change.
This is Payton's masterpiece for the week.  It is a portrait of my dad.  If you know my dad, it totally looks like him!  Ha !
One of my latest creations!
I made this gift for a dear young friend.  A friend of mine made one for me for my b-day and I loved it so much I copied it and made one to give away as well.
Model Kaytie Jo - I am going to have to start paying her for all of this modeling lately.
An odd picture.  Payton and Eden were getting kicks out of Clay wrapping them up like babies.  We laughed and laughed because Payton when wrapped up looks like a little baby with a REALLY big head.
Payton painting our cross ornaments!
Little Eden painting our annual ornaments that we give to the special people in our lives!
Eden learning to be a princess with her boa at a Christmas gathering!

Our gift to precious KTJO - a  carrier for her sweet mac laptop!  I made it! I made it!!!
Kaytie is so awesome she bought all of us a pair of "Tom's" shoes!  If you are not familiar with "Tom's" shoes.  For every pair of shoes you purchase they give a pair of shoes away to a child in a third world country who needs shoes.  She also embroidered all of us a pair of socks.  Mine said "grace", Clay's "peace", Eden's "Love" and Payton's "Joy".
Oh yeah, that is my new haircut.  It has grown out a bit since this photo and I am liking it more.  At this stage I was not a big fan. :)
My tea- towel gift for Kaytie Jo - since she watched me nearly make all of these dudes (all 20 of them) she got to pick her favorite!
Sew cute - from Kaytie Jo!
Kaytie Jo embroidered gloves for Eden Grace.
Eden's tiny socks to go with her Tiny "Tom's".
sweet socks Kaytie Jo made for Payton to go along with her "Tom's" shoes!
Clay and Eden Grace
Some dear friends of ours invited us to go Christmas light looking on a Trolley with them!  We had such a lovely time!!  The girls loved it as well.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Month in Review!

Wow! What a month and it has flown by!!! Whew! So here is the quick month in review in pictures!

Payton got a big girl haircut. We love it, so cute.

The length before.
Payton making Santa beards and wearing them around the house.
Eden and I making silly faces.
Made a trip to Branson with our Mom's for their early Christmas present. We went on Thanksgiving (also my Birthday) and stayed through Sunday. Lots of fun.

Better shot.
Clay and his momma, Beverly, a.k.a. Nanny working on Thanksgiving dinner at our condo in Branson.
My mom, Brenda, a.k.a. Gigi with Payton playing at the condo in Branson.
The tea cups at Silver Dollar city.
The little roller coaster at Silver Dollar City. Payton LOVES the rides. See her and Clay in the second car back.
Clay being silly.
My Birthday cake on Thanksgiving at our condo. Can you tell the girls helped put the candles in?
Clay, Beverly and my mom Brenda getting ready to ride a really scary ride!!!
Clay and Payton on the big swings, she is in the green pants!
Christmas lights in Silver Dollar City.
Sweet Daddy Clay with Miss Eden in the sling. As I tell Clay, only real men are willing to carry their babies in a sling!
Our mom's on the swing in Grandpa's mansion at Silver Dollar City.
Clay and Eden in Grandpa's Mansion in Silver Dollar City.
The whole family in Grandpa's Mansion!
My Natural Mom's group that I go to once a month learning a new work out from home routine from Nikki. She kicked our rears!!! She's serious!!!
Our church, kids , friends and family have been collecting their change for about 6 months now. We collected about $1500 all in change and are using it to purchase special bikes for special needs children. We had enough $ to get four bikes!!! We will be presenting the bikes to them on Sunday morning at church. So if you were one of those people helping us collect change, THANK YOU!!! You have helped "Change a life with Change".
So last Thursday evening the guys in our lifeline group put the bikes together so that the kids could take them home and ride them immediately! HOW FUN!!

Just a sweet Dad and his girls picture, on the way out the door to something else...
Somewhere in the few moments of breath we have taken, we found about 2 hours to put up a tree. We have started a tradition that the children are to make our star for the top. So Kaytie Jo is helping put the glue on our star for Payton to glitter it.
We have always laughed at people's trees who have kids because either all of the nice, pretty ornaments are up top, or all the ornaments are clumped together because the kids helped decorate the tree. We have both...I totally get it now and I think it is sweet.
Look at me hunting for just the right it is going to make a difference now that Eden and Payton have pulled most of them off and repositioned them. What a wierd photo of me, I look about 60 years old, the light was doing something wierd and made me look all wrinkly.
Payton playing the part of an angel in our Christmas story at church.

Eden Grace enjoying some chocolate cake at our dear friend Jeff's birthday party!
Three of the four girls born in five months with their daddy's, did you follow that? Clay & Eden, Jeff & Alexa, and Daniel & Bella.

Whew - there is so much more I want to share with you, but to be honest, I want to go to bed even more later.

Good night and Grace and Peace,