Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brooke and Matine!

Everyone meet Brooke and Matine!!!  Brooke is a friend from high school and we are getting reacquainted through blogging.  We have discovered kindred spirits with one another and wished we would have really gotten to know each other better then.  Brooke is now living a dream life in Montana with Peter and their new baby, Matine.  Brooke and Matine were in town seeing family and came by to say hi and spend some time with us!  I couldn't resist picking up the camera for a few shots.  Check out Everyday Brooke and Peter here and obsess over their beautiful and simple life...

Thank you, Brooke, Kerri and Matine for stopping by to say hi!!!
Grace and Peace.

Baby Moon in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Here is in no particular order some shots from our "baby moon" in Eureka Springs.  We really, really, really enjoyed ourselves.  For the most part we lazied on our porch of the B&B reading, painting, was glorious.  The weather could not have been more perfect, never above 82 degrees on a July 4th weekend - wow!

This was immediately following our couples massage.  The massage therapy place was just a couple of blocks down the street so we walked.  When we came out of our cozy hour and a half glorious massage heaven, it was raining the most beautiful, summer rain.  We walked back to the B&B barefoot in the rain.  How romantic!!!

Clay did a henna tattoo on my belly on the 4th of July.  For those of you who aren't familiar with henna, it is not forever, it only lasts a couple of weeks, in-fact is already disappeared.
Final design, Henna is used in eastern countries as a blessing on many occasions.  Mom's are tattooed with henna for a blessing of health and happiness before delivery.

Trying for a self-portrait.
Delicious Italian restaurant and my dessert to take back and eat at the b&b.

We ate 3 square meals a day - and I gained 4 pounds in two days!!!
More eating, this was our breakfast brought to the porch on our first morning there! YUM!!!
This is what Clay did with most of his time.
This is what I did with most of my time!
Yum - gourmet Mexican food!
Sitting in the main park down town Eureka.
We took in every moment possible, even getting up early to enjoy our quiet time. It has been almost three years since we had a little weekend to ourselves (one night at homeschool convention doesn't count) and we know it will probably be close to that before we get another one.  It was heaven, but if we are honest we really missed our precious girls a ton.
Grace and Peace.

water play

Call me the in-spurts blogger... here is a little bit of fun at another fun water park.  
Grace and Peace,