Friday, August 29, 2008

Sports girls

You have to know that sports and my family do not necessarily go together. So I am happy to show off some sports happenings in our family.

The three girls got bike helmets for riding bikes! We look like a bunch of bobble heads.
Payton participated in our "home schooling" Olympics.  We have join up with other home schoolers in our church and formed a coop.  We meet up every Thursday morning for 1.5 hours and the kids go to different classes.  For example Payton goes to music, specials(p.e.), and art class.  So for the first get together we celebrated the kid Olympics!
Straw throwing!

There were several more events but some of the kids found some caterpillars and got really invested in them.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

In my own little world.

I really do live in my own little world.  I am so sorry to have checked out on you all lately.  We have been TOO busy and I am ready for life to settle down and to get back into a good routine.  I have been made aware by many people this week ( two of which I had no idea they were readers) that I have a faithful blog following and they are dearly missing me!  Thank you.  I seriously thought nobody really read this stuff and I was just doing it for my therapy.  So for all of you out there I have just posted six new postings below this one...enjoy.

BTW - One of my readers wanted me to advertise that I am teaching photography classes this fall through Jenks Community Education.  So ya'll get signed up now ya' hear! For more info go to

Grace and Peace

Bike riding for the whole family

Clay's self-portrait on the bike.
Clay's awesome photography of me and Kaytie Jo from the back of his bike.
Payton and Eden enjoying the ride.

Clay found me a used bike online last week sometime.  I am for the first time since 7 years old riding on a 2 wheel bike!!  I LOVE it!  He also picked up a bike trailer for the girls and they LOVE it as well.  Last Saturday morning we went on a bike a ride because the weather here has been incredible.  We rode to eat breakfast and then to Home Depot, Southwood nursery, Grocery store and then back home.  Just a little eight mile ride - not bad for a girl who hasn't been on a bike in 21 years! What a beautiful morning and special memories we are creating!  

First Day of Kindergarten!

Payton and I had our first week of Kindergarten this week.  It was wonderful I have to say.  We have both loved our time together and she gets up every morning asking for school to start!

Painting of the Livingroom

New olive gray fireplace.
Just to the right of the fireplace there is going to be the new window!
We are working on another photo display area behind the couch - not quite ready yet.
view of the kitchen from living area
New location of big black bookshelf.  This is one of those pieces of furniture that if the house was burning down I would probably die in the fire trying to get it out with me.  I found it in a going out of business sale for $75 about 9 years ago.  It was a display case in the Sand Springs train depot years ago.
So we ordered five gallons of paint for the walls of the kitchen, dining room and living area to be painted all one color.  We had hopes of it all looking like one, big space (loftish).  Well, after painting all of those rooms we officially have 4 more gallons to spare.  So to anyone out there who is wanting some off white paint for their walls - we have PLENTY and we will share!!!  ha ha.  And to anyone who is preparing to buy paint, Sherwin Williams paint is the best paint in the world and will cover like no body's business.

Once we got the walls painted we decide that the fireplace looked a little drab the same color.  So that led to us painting the fireplace an olive gray and moving the furniture around!!!  If you watch us long enough, you will learn that nothing stays the same around here.  My living room has now been 4 different colors in almost 6 years.

The second week in Sept we are getting new windows in the house.  No not in the used category; but well needed and we could afford them now so we are doing it.  The even more exciting news on top of new window is that I get a totally new window (never been there before window) put in just to the right of the fireplace!!!  Our living room is like a cave and I can't wait for the outdoor light to shine through!!!!

Grace and Peace!

Peevyhouse randomness

Happy Birthday Papa Mike!  Birthday dessert at Starbuck's with my dad.
For some reason our children are obsessed with our refrigerator.  We have almost the exact same picture of Payton at this age.

Clay's mom was telling him about some "green" drink she heard Dr. Oz talk about on Oprah one day.  So they decided to try it out.  It just so happens that Clay had on his "keep it green" shirt on that evening.  It was too cute and I had to take a picture.
Clay working on his latest piece of art!

Science,Bugs, food and broken arm! Whew - what a weekend!

Unicorn Beetle  - that is Clay's wedding band beside it so that you can get an idea of how big this thing was.  It was so COOL for this home schooling momma to see and then come home to teach her little girls all about it!

Payton trying out the rotating wheel at the omniplex.  This brings back fond memories for me.  This was a place frequented by my dad and I growing up!!
Eden and her sad little bandaged arm.
OK Food Coop Meet, Greet and Eat event.
Well the night of our anniversary Eden was busy toddling around in the "school room".  As she was going from table leg to table leg she fell and caught herself hands down on the floor.  She cried as she does several times a day.  About the same time my mom showed up to watch the girls for our date.  But by the time we got home from our date, Eden was UPSET, crying and boycotting everything but her momma.  So the next morning (Clay had taken the day off to go to OKC with his girls for some fun) we began the day off by getting x-rays of Eden's arm.  Well our Pediatrician could not see the fracture but the radiologist saw a VERY tiny raised portion on her radius.  So they gave us a small ace bandage and told us she would heal just fine over a week or two.  Well after 3 days with an ace bandage, you would have never known she ever did anything.

So later that morning we made a quick trip to OKC to the omniplex.  We completely enjoyed ourselves watching stars in the planetarium, trying out all different kinds of science experiments, toured the Grand Canyon via IMAX and much, much more!

Saturday we hosted the Oklahoma Food Coop's Meet, Greet and Eat event at our church building.  It was SO great and scrumptious!!!  Whoa - all new foods and good way of eating went out the window that day!  There was SO much food and good food at that!!!!  I am so thankful to be part of a great, happy and yummy group of people.

And last but not least, before the Food event we found a HUGE unicorn beetle just outside the church doors.  Wow - it was so cool.  
Quite a weekend and that was just Friday and Saturday.  I don't know what I did on Sunday but I know I probably took a nap.


Dates, dates and more dates...

Payton doing a little painting on our latest date.
Married exactly 10 years this evening. Dinner at the Garlic Rose.
Fancy desserts at KoKoa.
Borders date - ahh, what a calm evening.  So good for my soul.
Dinner at Ale Haus on the Riverwalk.
Shot of the crowd at the Movies on the Lawn - Philbrook.
Us watching Pride and Prejudice.
Our view of the movie screen.
Our friends are starting to get sick of us saying, "well, we can't tonight because we have a date!"  Seriously, it has been really great to spend three hours a week together and without children.  AND we have decided that this must NOT end.  Well maybe not every week, but certainly we are going to let the grandparents watch the girls every other week so that we can dance and romance each other.

Pictured in this blog is so far our most favorite date.  We went and watched "Pride and Prejudice" on the lawn at Philbrook Museum.  It was incredible.  What a beautiful night, full of beautiful people, music, scenes and moments.  We were definitely newbies to this because we did not bring our own personal picnic several hours before the movie actually started.  But now that we know, this will be a MUST on the summer outings for the Peevyhouse family.  And talk about a seriously dedicated audience...these people did not make a sound once the movie started!!  It was definitely one of the most memorable moments of the summer.

On our actual anniversary we went to the Garlic Rose for dinner and had one of the most flavorful and rich meals we have had in a LONG time.  Then after dinner we walked across the way to KoKoa-a chocolatier, and had even more rich ( both $$$ and flavor) chocolate that I have ever put in my mouth.  A very fancy shmancy place - I honestly could not even pronounce the chocolate that I was ordering.  I felt totally Okie.

Another shot on here is our date to Border's bookstore.  Clay and I have quite an obsession with books.  So one of our dates was a quick dinner to Charleston's and then some quite plowing through books for the rest of our time.  It was WONDERFUL and we honestly could have spent another 3 hours there without even thinking of going home.

And the latest of dates was a work at home date.  Mom came and hung out with the girls while we painted the living room.  YES, the tree is gone, but soon to be painted again somewhere else in the house.

So we have about 3 dates left, but those won't happen for another two weeks because we are going on vacation late next week and will be gone for a week!!!
grace and peace,

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Here are just a couple of shots from some fun stuff we have been doing!

Happy Eden at the Porter Peach Festival.  We got to watch a really old fashioned was really great.
Payton and Clay in their shades watching the Shiners in their little "funny" cars.
Eden loves Black beans and tomatoes!
Another mess - Eden decided that these inpatients were not growing too well and pulled them out mud and all.  She was a mess from head to toe!!!

Date #2 & #3

Here are a couple of the date updates.
Date #2 was dinner and dessert at our local hang out  - Riverwalk.  We had dinner at Ale Haus outside area.  We people watched, which is one of our very favorite pass times and has been since before marriage.  We stole a couple of kisses and then went and had some coffee at Kaffe Bona.  The photo of me with my coffee is pretty special because one, I am pouring over my new kindergarten curriculum for Payton and I to do for home school this year.  Secondly it was one of the last regular bad for me coffees I will probably indulge in without feeling tremendous guilt or consequences for after drinking it.  (Read the previous post - Coffee is very ACIDIC and something that I cannot have!)

Date #3 was a trip to the movies with Baby Eden.  She had a little virus for a couple of days with the only symptom being a fever.  So it being a Monday evening we decided to take her with us to see Get Smart.  We thought she would simply sleep through the movie since she was not feeling well.   We were SO wrong.  She was feeling much better by half way through the movie and would not sit still, wanting to walk everywhere.  We ended up leaving. Needless to say, there were no photos taken on this wonderfully worthless evening.

Well my photos won't post for some reason.  I will try and get them into the next one.
Grace and Peace

Health Nuts

So we have been a tad bit busy around here and one of the things that we have been attempting to hurdle is our health.  In general we thought we were doing really great on the health matters around our house.  However, we learned that we were failing miserably.  Clay and I both went and had DBA's - Dried Blood Analysis done this past month.  If you have never had this done we highly recommend it.  It was like we were going to a fortune teller.  She sat us down, asked us our name and squeezed some of our blood out onto a slide and looked at it under a microscope.  As soon as she peered into the microscope she began to spout off all the problems and ailments that we have at this current time and have dealt with through the years.  It was amazing.  Apparently we have severe full body yeast issues, very acidic blood, tissue and saliva due to what we have been eating, and are very low in minerals.  I'm also sensitive to wheat ( so all that personal wheat grinding here at the house that I thought was wonderful for me has been so terrible on my system). :)  She loaded us up on supplements and some simple diet changes.  Simple but hard all at the same time, no sugar, no bread, no yeast, no bad carbs after lunch.  By diet, I mean a change of diet and behavior for the rest of our lives, not something that we do for just a bit and then go back to the way of eating.  We have been doing this for roughly 3 weeks and feel great!!  Better than I have felt in years and have lost around 7ish lbs already!!!  On top  of eating habits changing, we have both added some activity to our regimen. Clay had gone prior to visiting with this DBA lady and purchased a commuter bike for back and forth to work.  He is commuting approximately 3 times a week to work and home.  It is about a 25 mile ride round trip.  He is LOVING it!!! And has lost a good amount of weight as well.  I have joined our local gym and get there when I can to take some time for taking care of my self and watching a little mind numbing TV.