Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter - A VERY Late post!

Happy Late Easter!  Here are some shots of our Easter events in the family.  The first shots are from Palm Sunday actually with my Dad and Step-mom at their house.  We went to service with them as well and had lots of fun!

Sweet girls in their Easter Dresses.  They got them about a month early and begged me to wear them every day until Palm Sunday!
Nana and the girls.
Papa and the girls.
Sweet E, standing by the window watching the dog play.

Easter morning, they were being silly and would never give me a good shot.
Momma and her girls.
Dad and his girls, look at his and Eden's eyes...crack me up!
Gigi and the girls.
Nanny and the girls.  They were done by this shot.
Dying Easter Eggs before lunch so we could hide them afterwards.  
As you can see everyone had to have their picture made on Easter for some reason :)  I guess the girls looked so sweet we couldn't resist.  Easter morning was lovely.  We got up and went to church, and then came home to have lunch with our moms!
Grace and Peace,
Holly and Clan