Monday, July 21, 2008

Back from M.I.A.


Well I am back from a lovely hiatius and I have way too much to say and not enough time to say it. The photo I placed on the title was taken tonight in our front yard. I just love it. For those of you who don't we have not married in another wife, that is Kaytie Jo our roomate of three years. She is great, like a sister to me and the girls and to Clay too in one sense. We fell in love with a similar photo that is found on one of the photo sites that I just adore and we had to dulplicate it for ourselves. Here are a few more to share with you!

As far as what has been going on I will have to blog and share from the mac and I am on the pc. The mac has most of our photos from the on goings around here.

Grace and Peace


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 10!

Happy Anniversary too us!  This is our 10 year anniversary month.  Our actual date is the 31st but we are going to celebrate for 10 weeks total starting yesterday!  That is my gift to Clay; 10, once a week dates without children.  I know that doesn't sound like a big deal to most of you but to us it is a HUGE deal.  We basically believe in attachment parenting for at least the amount of time that our children are still nursing. Well Eden is still nursing and so that means we have not been anywhere without her for over a year now.  It was grand - however, we didn't know what to do with ourselves and we almost forgot how to carry on a real conversation. 
So here is a synopsis of our first date.  
Picnic at Woodward park - Crostini & Muffuletta Antipasto & smoke cheddar cheese with water.  We people watched, ate, I read aloud, laid and watched squirrels, planned vacations and stole a couple of kisses.
Dessert at Shades of Brown Coffee Shop - A grasshopper for the Mr. and a Prague Mocha for the Mrs.  We sat and people watched for a good hour.  This is one of our favorite pass times is to people watch, it must be in our genes because Payton is a serious people watcher as well. :O.
Then back home to the kiddos.  We are both still beaming today  from our great date.  It was kind of like our first date, because never had a "first date".  We were friends for several years and always knew we were the ones.  We basically courted and then just fell right in love.  
I will try and document our dates as they happen over the next nine weeks!
Until then ....Grace and Peace


Here is some harvesting that I did today!!!  We have a ton of carrots and onions that came out of the ground and one lonely tomato.  There are many more to come and I forgot to take a picture of the beautiful and incredibly long green beans I pulled as well.
Oh I LOVE fresh eating from the garden.
Happy Food!

Joy and laughter!

Oh my goodness!  Isn't she beautiful?  When I took this shot of Payton it sent me into the future about 1o years.  She looks so mature and brilliant in this shot.  I just had to share.

The other day I was doing laundry and left the room for half a second and came back to find E.G. in this position!  She is a little monkey these days.  But isn't she cute.  I think all of us probably have a pose similar to this one in our pasts.  However, it does scare the poohey out of me and from now on the dryer door will remain shut unless I am standing next to it.