Saturday, November 22, 2008

More Crafting!!!!

Kaytie Jo modeling her sisters new apron we made her.  It is double sided!
Back of Apron
Front Embellishment!  My favorite part!
I will so be making one for myself!  Sew CUTE!!!
This is finally something something I made for myself.  I have been crafting for others all month and so I decided to take a night off and make something for me!  It is a craft bag that I found in Stitch magazine.  It has a ton of pockets on the outside and is perfect for carrying all of your goodies or it would be a great diaper bag as well.  In my case it will probably be a cross between the two.
The other added bonus is that I found the fabric remnant at a "junk" store here in town for only $3.00!
This is Clay's latest piece of art!  I love it!  Sorry, my photography on this shot does not do it justice.
This is what the girls spent an hour or so doing one morning while I was crafting.  We don't watch much T.V. at our house so it was an extra special treat!  
These are sweet little stuffed doll patterns that I found under the freebie section on the wee wonderful site I mentioned in a few posts ago.  They are for Payton for Christmas!
 This is what got my crafting craze started.  When we went to St. Louis back in September, this is what I did on the road trip down there and our trips back and forth to our cabin and the sites!  Clay would tell you I missed half of St. Louis because I had my nose stuck in my embroidery!  I was pretty happy with it considering it was my first attempt and no pattern used.
Grandparents DON'T LOOK!! Skip this photo!  
These are photo cubes we are making for the grandparents that they can use as bookends, paper weights or nicknacks!
I know you all are probably sick of me showing off my crafty stuff but I am having SO much fun!  Hopefully it will inspire you too to be crafty.  Kaytie Jo and I are enjoying a crafty little weekend.  As I write she is sitting at the sewing machine turning out her own little Christmas  gifts!  We stayed up until 2 am this morning making an apron for her preggo sister whom asked her to make one because her belly is getting so big that when ashe cooks all of her shirts are getting ruined.  So about 9:30 last night we started in on it with the intentions of just starting and finishing some other time this weekend.  Well four hours later we finished.  It is beautiful and I can't wait to make one for myself!!
Grace and Peace!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy 33 to Clay!!

Sunday was Clay's #33 birthday!  The girls and I greeted his morning with 33 reasons why we love him!  If you click on the photo it will enlarge and you can see them better.

I just had to stick this one in here.  Eden totally passed out on me Sunday morning in church.  I just put her in the sling and a sleep she went.  I so cherish these moments because they get so big so fast.  There are already times with Payton I miss cuddling like this.
For Clay's birthday gift this year we did an unusual thing, we bought him a gift!  We don't really do this too much for the adults in our family.  But on his 22nd birthday (11 years ago) I bought him a watch and had it engraved "You Complete Me!"  Don't laugh, it was the time of Jerry McGuire.  Well he has worn this watch as faithfully as his wedding band and it has seen better days.  So the girls and I went and bought him a new watch and had it engraved "Our Prince, Love, your girls".  He loved it!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blog Crazy!!! and a Craft-tea!!!

I have been gone for a while due to crafting for the holidays. We have also been very busy doing...well, I am not sure, it just has been crazy. However, late in the evenings when all has quieted down I have been searching the web for ideas of crafty ideas. So here are a few that if you even have a teeny-tiny bit of craftiness in you, you must check out these sites.

oh there are so many more and I will try and find them again for you. We are in Noble, OK for an early Thanksgiving with Clay's family and I am busying myself while the cook (Clay's mom) is fluttering about in the kitchen. So when I get back home and have my own computer to look up my favorite bookmarks I will share more.

A couple of other things I have discovered within the last couple of weeks!

Stitch magazine - it is their premiere issue and I LOVE IT. I have already made a couple of different things out of the magazine! They are very easy little projects!
This is the other thing I have discovered..It is a book "Living Artfully". It is a wonderful and easy read. She has good reminders of how all of us have the ability and NEED to live artfully. I am about half way through it and it is wonderful!
Oh and another thing I had the pleasure of doing this week was attending a Craft-tea at the home of one of my friends. It was so sweet and scrumptious! We all brought some sort of tea-food and a craft to work on. It was a great couple of hours with friends. Thanks Kierlee!
I will get home and have a little slower week this next week so I plan to share some photos of my craftiness!
Grace and Peace

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


These are four girls born in five months of each other last summer. We all go to church together and are close friends. Eden, Gracie, Alexa, and Bella and their Dads. The look on Eden's little face is TOO cute. They were both so precious in their outfits. We went to our church's fall festival, then trick or treating to Aunt Mary and Uncle Steve's and home to make pizzas and open the door for other trick or treaters!
Just had to share.

And the Votes have been counted!!! And Camera Found!!

The votes have been counted...John McCain has won our popular vote here in the Peevyhouse home. McCain - 21 Obama - 3. Payton was a little disheartened when we counted last night before the announcement of the actual winner, but still kept her stance that Obama was going to win! Who would have known... My dad called this morning and asked to speak to our four year old about some stock tips and futures.

We took the girls with us to vote yesterday. We wanted Payton to see the real process since she took such an interest in the whole thing. I can remember going to this very same church with my dad EVERY time there was something to vote on since I was a little girl like Payton. It is kind of fun to carry on the tradition. I am pretty sure the same sweet little old ladies are still the ones working it as when I was young.

It is all this lady's fault. Our obsession with government and politics is in our blood because of grandma Max. She gave it to my dad and uncles (2 of the 3 are city managers and have been in city government for a LONG time), and now it has run its course to Payton. Payton and her get a long great and found even more in common someone they both believe should be president. At somewhere between the age of 2o and 80 years old, she is still incharge of the voting precinct near her home and could run circles around me! She is an amazing woman and one of my role models.

OH - and we found the camera!!! It was locked in Clay's glove box. We have no idea why or how it got there, but we were sure glad to find it!

Grace and Peace,


Bicycles and Randomness

Well if you have known my husband for very long you probably have known him to drive several different cars over that time. He has been known to drive and sell one vehicle a year over several years. He has owned 12 cars and one motorcycle in the ten years that we have been married! So now instead of cars, it is least they are getting less expensive. We do have a rule in our house, if you bring something new home, you must purge (get rid of, give away, or sell) something of equal value. So here are two bikes ...
So these are the two large trikes that are up for sale! If you are interested please let me know and you can take them for a spin!
Here is the latest ride - A Rhoades Car
It seats four! He found it on one of our favorite websites. He has wanted one for several years, but new they are outrageously expensive. However, this one was in Bixby at a price we couldn't pass up!
It needs a little love and he has plans to change up the seating a bit. We will add updates as improvements are made. Can't you just see our little family riding around town in this awesome car?
Isn't she lovely?!?!
She was finished with lunch and about half asleep at the table. She sat there for the longest time in this pose.
We held our first Annual Autumn Potluck Picnic last Saturday. YUM - look at this food!
We are looking forward to more gatherings with our neighbors.
Look at this big girl. She is making her own pb&j sandwiches these days.