Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eden's 2nd birthday!

My precious baby Eden turned two years old today.  Where has time gone?  It was just yesterday that I birthed her into this world.  She was such an unexpected miracle in so many ways.  She is a joy, a laugh, sweetness always when most unexpected.  We celebrated a day early, yesterday evening at the splash park in town with family and a small group of friends.  It was by far the most laid back, no preparation birthday I have ever put on for my kiddos and hands down the most fun!

Clay's sister Aunt Michelle taking a pic of E.
Zinnia's on the birthday table!

At the birthday girl's request, I made a pink ladybug cake.  Her favorite color right now is pink.

This girl LOVES to swing, anytime we pass a park she says, "I swing!"
When did she get so big?  Makes me want to cry.

We have been working for several weeks on getting her to say that she is "two".  But when you ask her hold old she is, her response is, "I'm five," because that is what her sister says.  So I asked her today on the swing before her party started and for the first time, her response was correct and I caught it in a photo!!
Our precious friend Alexa that was born one month before Eden.
Let's get this party started!
Our buddy (and Payton's self chosen future husband) Mason.

She had a blast with friends and family hanging at the water park for her birthday!
Daddy sneaking kisses from his birthday girl.
Anticipating the water drop.

Dishing up Ice cream!
Jo-Jo and Payton.  Kaytie Jo our roommate/sister at heart has officially move out from our nest.  She is greatly missed in our home, but is so sweet to come by and spend time with us during the week. (It helps that we have a washer and dryer she can use for free.:)
Opening birthday gifts with Momma.
The day (Saturday, June 20th).  We snuggled in bed with our birthday girl and shared many giggles as the sun came up.  Then continued our morning at Starbuck's (yes, one of her favorite breakfast places), Utica Square for a nice morning stroll, a visit to one of our favorite stores Eco Baby, a visit to the aquarium, lunch at Riverwalk and a splash in the fountain!  All before naptime at 2:30ish.
A trip to the aquarium at Eden's request to see the "fishies".
Heading to Riverwalk for some Asain food and splashing in the fountains.

Huge soggy diaper!
Pure Joy!

I am so blessed to have a happy and precious family.  Thank you Eden Grace for bringing more joy than we could imagine into our family.
I love you!
Grace and Peace,


Justine said...

Love all the updates and the gorgeous pictures! Your girls are just beautiful! (and so are you!)

The ladybug cake turned out great!

Happy Birthday, Eden!


Kenna said...

It doesn't seem possible that she's 2 already! I loved all the pics, but my favorite is the black and white of her at the riverwalk fountain. So precious! Thanks for sharing.